Top 3 Solutions for Shading an Outdoor Living Space

Top 3 Solutions for Shading an Outdoor Living Space
Top 3 Solutions for Shading an Outdoor Living Space


Summer is in full swing here in Mississippi! The temperatures have been close to 100 degrees all week and the sun is intense. In times like this, creating a shaded outdoor space is a necessity. In addition to creating a more enjoyable space for you to enjoy, protecting your furniture from UV damage and enhancing privacy from neighbors are some of the benefits.
Below I'm sharing three main types of outdoor shades that will protect you in style. If you see one you like, let me know. We can find the perfect color and style to accent your home and enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

2. Shade Sails


Shade sails are a popular option. These can be suspended, staggered in layers, or laid out in succession, these unique outdoor treatments are functional statement pieces. Perfect for your pool or patio, they provide light filtering while also blocking UV rays. Use with a pergola or over a patio. I personally love these over a kid's play area. 


3. Awnings

Awnings are my favorite option! I love a classic cabana stripe pattern. Every luxury hotel and designer store uses awnings, so we can gain inspiration from those for our own homes. The ideal location is over a porch and over doorways and windows. These can retract, keep the home cooler, and even lock in heat in the winter months.


The current trend of outdoor living means that homeowners are prioritizing their outdoor kitchens and living rooms, often including them as part of their renovation project. This means that considering how it will be shaded is an important factor. I help clients select the ideal sun protection for your home and lifestyle. 



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