Remote E-Design

The process is simple. You take photos and measurements of a space to be designed, and I create a design plan just for you. You will execute this design plan on your own timeline. I provide the same luxury experience and expert design as I do for full-service design clients. Clients get a weekly project update email every Friday, and we meet for our consultation call, concept design meeting, and detailed design meeting on Zoom so that we can chat face-to-face. You will walk away with a full design plan for the room of your dreams!


How is this different than hiring a traditional designer? 

When you hire a traditional designer, you are paying them 10x more to do the shopping, receiving, shipping, inspection, invoicing, delivery, and installation for you…basically a high-cost design fee for the “Admin” portion of my job. The true value is in the Design Plan and that is what you get with my Design Package…expert design direction.

I also offer full service design if you are interested in having a truly turn-key experience.

Can I return the items I purchase from the shopping links?

Each shopping link takes you to a direct retailer that has their own return policy. Some of the to-the-trade unique items and vintage pieces I may source for you do not have a return policy unless the item arrives damaged, but we can discuss ahead of time whether you want to access those types of vendors.

Do you make money off those shopping links you specify?

Unlike boxed e-design service stores who only shop where they have affiliate links, I am not limited or incentivized in my shopping sources. Having said that, I do have a “to-the-trade” resource through my wholesale license that allows me to shop very cool vendors and make money off each purchase (like every interior designer does). This is why I have a “credit” clause in our contract that if you spend over a certain amount at those vendors, we will split the discount.


“Jennifer Burt was so professional, and she made my home go from drab to fabulous. We emailed to find the perfect pieces for my family's living room. You have to see the before and after pictures. It’s a total transformation.”

~M. Atkinson


"Executing the design plan with ordering and scheduling deliveries on our own time line was so fun and exciting! As a new homeowner, it taught me that I can actually achieve more than what I thought was possible by following the process step-by-step.”l or review

~F. Amber

Jennifer Burt

I'm the owner behind Mississippi Maximalism. I returned home to Mississippi after working in the fashion industry in New York City and Las Vegas. A side hobby of sourcing vintage finds at local estate sales and charity shops has turned into a business of using Mississippi's unique high/low style to inspire how I design clients' spaces. I specialize in working with clients who are new to the world of home design.

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