Quoted in the Press! Tips From Interior Designers On a Living Room Refresh

Posted on February 27 2021

Quoted in the Press! Tips From Interior Designers On a Living Room Refresh

 the scoop From design professionals (including me!!) 

I was recently quoted in an article on RealHomes.com titled "10 ways to make your living room look better for free, according to interior designers" written by Kaitlyn McInnis. Since the past year has been "spent treating your living room as your home office, restaurant, bar, and personal movie theatre, it could use a little sprucing up to ensure it remains visually interesting and comfortable to spend time in."

Image Source: Ikea

Three of my tips are used! The first is to Shop Your Space. I talk about how I learned this tip moving to a large house from a Manhattan studio during the recession. I would first place furniture in a room and then for decor, a color was chosen. Literally every decorative object that I owned then was divided up in the house. 

Image Source: Ikea

My next tip is to Initiate An Art Exchange. I can remember my mom doing this with a neighbor when I was a kid. Just swap some art for a little bit! 

Image Source: Unsplash

Finally, a free tip is to group similar objects together. This helps create an interesting collection. Consider rotating these and not always having everything on display.

Image source: Unsplash

There is so many more tips in the full article, check it out here on RealHomes.com!


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