Home Trends for 2022

Home Trends for 2022
Home Trends for 2022

I have always been curious about what is next in the worlds of fashion and interiors. Trends are a fun way to provide little updates to our homes and help to inspire the way we think. I listened to a Chairish webinar earlier this fall and am so excited for what they see coming next. 

The first trend is the split reed furniture in the style of Gabrielle Crespi. I discovered this designer last winter at an estate sale in Florida. I was enamored with the furniture and am on the hunt for similar styles but at lower price points (the set there was $6K). 

Abalone Mirror, $548.92, Mississippi Maximalism


The next trend is mirrors in unique shapes and adorned with unique materials like shells. Mirrors open up a room, increases light, and creates a focal point. 

The third trend is one that is super popular on social media right now and that is the layered table. Think lots of texture, color, and pattern. Use things like etched glasses, hand painted plates, and embroidered napkins. 

Going along with the layered table is the majolica trend. Any bit of whimsy for the table is popular right now.

Wayne Thiebaud Vintage 1969 Framed Fine Art Lithograph Pop Art Print " Cake Counter " 1962, $5,800, Chairish.com

Another trend is art in the style of Wayne Thiebaud. Known for pop art realism, the art speaks of a more simple time.

Contemporary Framed Intaglio, $298, Chairish.com

One of my favorite trends is old world curiosities. This is all about a mix of objects that tell a story. Things like framed intaglios with unique colored mattes and a cabinet of natural elements are as popular as ever.

Douglas Freidman

A trendy color is mustard. This overlaps with fashion's love of sunny yellow and looks amazing paired with pinks, muddy blues, and green.


20th Century Swedish Flat-Weave Rug, $3799, Chairish.com

Swedish textiles like flat weave geo patterns from the 1950s are next on our list of 2022 trends. The colors of these are wonderful to base a room off of.

A trend that will continue is biomorphic silhouettes. The touch of whimsy of postmodern and Memphis style decor and furniture make a playful statement when used sparingly.

White oak and bleached finishes are a designer favorite because they add an airy element. Bleaching brown mahogany furniture from England gives these classic pieces a new life. I'm excited to try this trend as a DIY!


Comfort is still key in 2022 and materials like boucle, mohair, and shearling lend a cozy element to a room. With a touch of softness, we can add sophistication to a room with a rich layer of a tactile element.

Another trend is two-toned. This can be two colors together for contrast like color blocking or tonal like ombre. This chic and sophisticated trend was super popular at the European home shows.

Looking in the future, there are hints of trends to come. One of the most surprising is the folk art Americana trend. Tory Burch's new store is a great example of the 21st century version of this trend. Things like unique patchwork and hand-painted elements look great paired with something modern. This is an easy way to refresh the trend just by adding a contemporary element.

Maximalism will continue to grow (yay!) and there's no better master to look at than Mario Buatta's work which defined the more is more 1980s era. Think chintz, English home interiors, lacquered rooms, and needlepoint pillows. 

For some, a more pared down panache trend will be embraced. This is slightly masculine, and celebrates form. It is all about the integrity of the materials like brass, wood, and gesso. Some examples are Austrian bentwood.

Decorative finishes are going to be popular in 2022. Things like hand-painted marble, malachite, and tortoise shell.

So, what is the most important trend of the upcoming season? These trends work together. It is very nuanced and is about how they flow. Find a common thread and celebrate the mix!

You want to create a space that's a talking point, a whimsical and unique home that is personal, fun and reflects who you are. I can help you do that! Visit my consultation page to get started.

These trends are not hard rules but they do guide the general theme of what we buy. Micro-trends become popular extremely fast. The idea of collecting is a trend in itself and is a fun activity. 

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