Declutter: The Number 1 Way to Enjoy Your Home

Declutter: The Number 1 Way to Enjoy Your Home
Declutter: The Number 1 Way to Enjoy Your Home

Getting a handle on the amount of possessions you have is the best way to enjoy your home. If you don't own something, there is no need to worry about where to store it or taking the time to clean it. 

Set some priorities. If clutter is an issue, create a plan to eventually tackle the whole house. Maybe set a weekend and then systematically go through each room. You could also break it up into an hour each evening or whatever your schedule permits, but set a dedicated time to this task.

A good way to work through a room is to create four categories for items leaving the room: TRASH, SELL, DONATE, and STORE ELSEWHERE. 

It is often rewarding to tackle a highly used area first, such as a mudroom, entry closet, and master closet. I'll do another post specifically for your closet soon, but I personally did this over two years ago and the stress level of getting dressed has been cut down approximately 99%. 

Purchase some baskets and attractive boxes as storage solutions, but be mindful of your needs first. I personally love to use designer gift boxes to store random papers like receipts.

Hooks have long been a favorite of mine, especially in the bathroom but they can also be added to the back of a bedroom door for a robe, next to the back door for keys, and inside cabinet doors for a bag to hold plastic bags. 

One of my pet peeves is using items that are obviously storage (looking at you plastic drawers) as furniture. If it is all that you can afford, hide it under some kind of chic table cloth or better yet, place it in a closet out of sight. The same goes for little caddies-it is your home, not a kindergarten classroom. Invest in some chic wire baskets or vintage wood boxes. 

There are several ways to sell your unwanted items and one of the best is Facebook Marketplace. Holding a garage sale can also be a fun event. 

Donating is an ideal option. Having a favorite local charity to help out is a wonderful feeling. Many will also pick up larger furniture items. As an added bonus, your donation maybe tax deductible. 

Take some time and binge Marie Kondo's Netflix show and make a commitment to tackling the clutter in your home. Life tends to flow better when there is less stress of extra items, saved time of looking for things, and space to honor the possessions that you truly love and enjoy.



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