Durable Home Finishes for Kids & Pets

Durable Home Finishes for Kids & Pets
Durable Home Finishes for Kids & Pets

Life can get messy, especially with kids and pets in the home. I have my doberman, Stella, and she sometimes tests my patience but it has really made me realize how important it is that our home supports our lifestyle. So whether your daily activities are kids bouncing off the walls or pets with muddy feet, I have some tips for you. 

1. Durable Flooring Options

You need a flooring that is tough enough to withstand your kids and pets while also being easy to clean. There are some myths that wood floors aren't ideal for homes with children and pets. Here is a video debunking these myths from Revel Woods: 



2. Fabrics That Won't Wear, Tear or Stain

If you subscribe to my email newsletter, you just read about Krypton fabric. This performance fabric is perfect for spills and won't wear and tear with daily use. You'd be surprised at the beautiful prints that are available.

3. Daily Surfaces that Endure

Something I notice in homes with children is how beat up the walls look! Who knows how that happens ;) One way to combat this is to use a higher gloss paint that is easily wipeable. 

Another smart choice is to have rugs that you can easily take up and that hide daily life well. 

With just a few considerations, you can have a home that is beautiful and also functions as a space for your kids and pets. I specialize in balancing beauty and function and would love to help you achieve this in your home!


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