Our Story


Love the ease and convenience of online shopping but disappointed at the quality once it arrives in hideous packaging a week later?

Dream of designer fashion but overwhelmed by the billions of affordable options that are changing too quickly and then feeling guilty about over-consuming fast fashion that doesn’t even last you through the season?

On top of that, do you find it hard to establish your own personal style that mixes comfortable staples with glamorous accents without looking like everyone else? Or worse, a fashion victim?  

I had these same issues, so in 2012 I founded GypsterVeil.com to marry the aesthetics of gypsies, hipsters, and jet-setters in one carefully curated place. As a shy little lady, using fashion as a means for expressing myself came naturally. After living in NYC's West Village and Las Vegas and traveling to dream locales like the Côte d'Azur, Costa Rica, and Australia as a freelance production assistant for a few years, I returned to my college hometown of Starkville, Mississippi to work in a friend's bridal boutique during the recession. I soon fell in love with styling women for one of the most important days of their life and assisting the mothers to find the right balance to create a timeless look. I also fell for the creative vibes and lifestyle in Mississippi State University's town and set out to create an online ready-to-wear boutique that mimics the personality of the best neighborhood boutiques where the emphasis is on quality clothing with exceptional customer service. We had a lot of requests at the bridal shop for bachelorette and beach bridal dresses, so naturally bohemian bridal has become a speciality of GypsterVeil.com.

Fast forward to 2015 and I had outgrown my 1950s cottage and home studio. I opened a hidden gem headquarters/concept store for GypsterVeil in downtown Starkville to have an inspiring place to work as well as showcase our offerings in a careful considered way that lets customers touch and get their purchases immediately. Plus they don’t have to sift through tons of generic, low quality options. I’ve always been inspired by Julia Chaplin’s book “Gypset Style” but didn’t want to copy the name when I launched GypsterVeil.com. Now the term gypset it common and perfectly embodies our style ethos, so I’m happy to announce the launch of our editorial website GypsetItGirl.com in the summer of 2016 along with launching our interiors The Gypset Bungalow booths in Jackson & Oxford, Mississippi.

Having a socio-sustainable business is the most important thing to me. You can trust GypsterVeil for uniquely curated clothing and objects that either give back in some way, are eco-friendly, support creative brands, made in the USA, or are ethically made. I want to put the brakes on our addiction to over-consuming and help you build and invest in a quality wardrobe of intentional purchases that inspires you to evoke your wildflower spirit.